KT  3000
Tilting table

Assembly table for vertical and horizontal assembly. Stable steel construction. Important when switching from vertical to horizontal transportation and vice versa. Ideal for vertical and horizontal assembly. Pneumatic tilting. Table supporting surface with plastic slide bars. Roller support can be lowered pneumatically. 4-fold compressed air supply. Options: also available with brush strips on request; also available with felt strips on request (for wooden profiles); also available with rubber strips on request (for aluminium profiles); pull-out table supporting surface at top for KT/KTH 3000; profile protectors for support rollers; mobility unit for KT/KTH/MS/VE; rail, 2.0 m.
Technical data arrow_drop_down
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Vertical height (mm)
Pneumatic height adjustment (mm)
Roller conveyor width (mm)
Weight (kg)
Load capacity (kg)
4-fold compressed air supply
Operating air pressure (bar)
Air consumption approx. (l/min.)
Pneumatic tilting
Extendable table support
Mobility unit
Rail 2,0 m left and right
Table brush strip supporting surface
Table felt profile strip supporting surface
Table rubber knob profile
Profile protectors for support rollers
Supporting surfaces

Supporting surfaces with plastic slide bars

KT 3000 Supporting surfaces Someco
KT 3000 Roller support Someco
Roller support

Roller conveyor can be lowered pneumatically to allow unhindered working in horizontal position; in vertical position, trouble-free onward transport is possible

Foot switch

Control via foot valve. Pneumatic horizontal/vertical tilting

KT 3000 Foot switch Someco
KT 3000 4-fold compressed air connection Someco
4-fold compressed air connection

4-fold compressed air connection for connecting compressed-air tools

Profile protectors for support rollers (Optional)

Profile protectors for support rollers 200 mm (Alum./16 x and Alum./21 x). Roller conveyor with protective tubing over the rollers to protect the window element during infeed and outfeed

KT 3000 Profile protectors for support rollers Someco
KT 3000 Pull-out profile support Someco
Pull-out profile support (Optional)

Pull-out table support at top for KT/KTH 3000 and KT/KTH 4000.The table support can be pulled out 500 mm at the top for high frames

Brush strip (Optional)

Supporting surfaces with brush strip

KT 3000 Brush strip Someco
KT 3000 Felt strip Someco
Felt strip (Optional)

Supporting surfaces with felt strip

Rubber strips (Optional)

Supporting surfaces with rubber-knob profile

KT 3000 Rubber strips Someco
KT 3000 Mobility unit Someco
Mobility unit (Optional)

Mobility unit for KT/KTH/MS/VE. Mobility unit with flanged rollers and fixing brake

Rails (Optional)

Rails, 2.0 m, left and right

KT 3000 Rails Someco

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