A material, PVC,

which deserves our care, attention and ability to innovate, as it gives life to a noble product that has achieved excellent results over time in terms of performance and design. The experience of the Voilàp group in this sector is a perfect example of the meticulous pursuit of perfection. In some companies of the group, in particular in Germany and Italy, there have been teams dedicated to the development of unique solutions for our customers for over 20 years. It was from the latter and from the opinion leaders that we received the solicitation to merge together the skills present in our group, a direction that the group itself was taking in a natural way.

The fusion of two experiences

The someco project is therefore born from the fusion of two consolidated experiences, that of the German team on machining centers and that of the Italian team on seamless welding and traditional welding and cleaning, which had become spontaneous to add and mix together: two teams work today in the PVC division in perfect synchrony, magnetically attracted to each other, giving life to a unique European project for the two areas of specialization and expertise put in place, which will remain as the strength of the project itself.

A brand enclosed in two brackets

We have chosen to enclose the brand, in its figurative version, between two brackets: they substantiate the strength of the project, point it out, symbolize the inclusion and integration of different solutions, knowledge, technologies and intelligence. Between the two brackets we have inserted the name someco, already part of the heritage of our group: it is a brand that for a certain period, from the 70s, was known in the field of PVC welding for its innovative and quality solutions. . We felt that this name well represented our project and that it could become a point of reference for our customers all over the world.