HT  3000 E
Horizontal table – expansion

Modular work table for a production line (basic module). Stable steel construction. Universal system of work tables for lines with a continuous production flow. Modular system: basic module + additional module. Add-on elements for individualised expansion. Additional modules are easy to install. Versatile work table for all applications: for example, as an individual table in the production flow, as an in-line workstation for assembly work, as a work table for gasket insertion, for the post-processing of special-order production items or as a buffer zone. Table supporting surface with plastic slide bars. Adjustable height. Simple installation with a modular system design.
Technical data arrow_drop_down
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
850 ÷ 1.000
Weight (kg)
Table supporting surface with plastic slide bars
Table brush strip supporting surface
Table felt profile strip supporting surface
Table rubber knob profile
Roller support
Tool holder
4-fold compressed air supply
End strip with knob profile
End rack
Fold-up walk-through section
Roller support for fold-up walk-through section
Storage tray
Lifting unit
Supporting surfaces

Supporting surfaces with plastic slide bars

HT 3000 E Supporting surfaces Someco
HT 3000 E Storage tray Someco
Storage tray

Storage tray for setting down tools and accessories

Height adjustment

Adjustable height; working height can be set to 850 – 1,000 mm by means of adjustable feet

HT 3000 E Height adjustment Someco
HT 3000 E Storage area Someco
Storage area (Optional)

Storage area with 6 plastic trays for small accessories, hardware and screws

Brush strip (Optional)

Supporting surfaces with brush strip

HT 3000 E Brush strip Someco
HT 3000 E Felt strip Someco
Felt strip (Optional)

Supporting surfaces with felt strip

Rubber strips (Optional)

Supporting surfaces with rubber-knob profile

HT 3000 E Rubber strips Someco
HT 3000 E Tool rack Someco
Tool rack (Optional)

Tool rack for pneumatic or electrical tools

4-fold compressed air connection (Optional)

4-fold compressed air connection for connecting compressed-air tools

HT 3000 E 4-fold compressed air connection Someco
HT 3000 E Roller support cmpl. Someco
Roller support cmpl. (Optional)

Hard plastic rollers with polyamide coating, on plain bearings, load per roller 60 kg, convenient for transport and handling of PVC elements

End rack (Optional)

End rack for HT

HT 3000 E End rack Someco
HT 3000 E End strip with knob profile Someco
End strip with knob profile (Optional)

End strip with knob profile for HT

Fold-up pass-through section for HT (Optional)

Roller support, cmpl., for fold-up passthrough section

HT 3000 E Fold-up pass-through section for HT Someco
HT 3000 E Pneumatic lifting unit Someco
Pneumatic lifting unit (Optional)

Lifting unit L = 3.000 mm

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