G  3000
Equipment holder

Equipment holder for compressed-air and electric equipment. Attach to the wall or a steel column. Moveable storage device for tools and compressed-air equipment for improved working conditions. No air hoses on the floor. Tool rack with height adjustment. Supplied with two spiral hoses as standard (without tools). With maintenance unit and air connection hose. Double two-pin grounded socket. 4-fold compressed air supply. Accessories: can be attached to S 3000 steel column if desired.
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Arm length (mm)
Load capacity (kg)
Spiral hoses as standard (without tools)
Maintenance unit and air connection hose
Double two-pin grounded socket
4-fold compressed air supply
Steel holder for fastening to the floor
Tool rack

Tool rack for pneumatic or electrical tools

G 3000 Tool rack Someco
G 3000 Storage area Someco
Storage area

Practical storage area with two plastic trays for small accessories such as hardware and screws

Maintenance unit

Maintenance unit for compressed-air tools

G 3000 Maintenance unit Someco
G 3000 4-fold compressed air connection Someco
4-fold compressed air connection

4-fold connection for compressed-air tools

Double two-pin grounded socket
G 3000 Double two-pin grounded socket Someco

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