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The ultimate in performance from Someco, a Voilàp Group brand, with the SVL 4H/4A line.


The SVL 4H/4A welding and cleaning line for pvc profiles, dedicated to the window and door industry, a flexible and Industry 4.0 ready machine that is able to ensure maximum precision in machining while guaranteeing high safety standards.

SVL 4H/4A is also an excellent "ambassador" of the group's philosophy of beauty serving innovation.

In fact, the machine features an attractive and functional design, played on a clever combination of materials, lights and colors.

There are 5 main elements that compose it: the SM 4H horizontal welding machine (in all its models) with included panel extraction unit, the cooling bench, the lap table, the 2-axis or 4-axis cleaner (EV 2A or 4A) and, finally, the in-line extraction table.

It can operate indifferently in traditional welding mode (bead between 0.2 and 2 mm) or Seamless mode.
The latter possible through the use of special, patented counterblocks, which enable the perfect welding of zero-bead corners.

High standards of safety, precision and cleanliness in machining, flexibility and ease of use, combined with an attractive design that is functional to the operator's well-being, make SVL 4H/4A the perfect synthesis of the new frontier drawn by Someco to take the machining sector to the next level.



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