Automatic water slot milling machine also for drilling ventilation holes on PVC profiles. The machine features 3 cutter heads with pneumatic feed and traversing on recirculating ball slideway packs which can be selected independently. The cutter heads are provided with memorizable adjustments through 6 stops on the stroke and 6 stops for head positioning. Tilting of the cutter heads is adjustable thanks to the angular references. Milling is performed via three high frequency electrospindles; four adjustable pneumatic vices ensure clamping of the profile, even large size one. Four excludable stops (two pneumatic) speed up workpiece positioning.
Technical data arrow_drop_down
3 motors (kW)
Tool speed (r.p.m.)
Milling unit travel (mm)
Clamp table travel, milling (mm)
0 ÷ 50
Clamp capacity (width) (mm)
20 ÷ 140
Clamp capacity (height) (mm)
0 ÷ 195
Tool holder with collet maximum (mm)
Ø = 8
Horizontal and vertical clamps with low pressure device
Angular movement of the bottom milling head
15° ÷ 75°
Angular movement of the top milling heads
- 30° ÷ 30°
3 cutters (mm)
Ø = 5
3 cutter collets complete with ring nut (mm)
Ø = 8
Bars with excludable manual stops
Excludable pneumatic stops
Controls and safety
The ergonomic control panel is provided with hold-to-run push buttons for machine movements and relative start-up. The spindle motors, controlled by an electronic variable speed drive, ensure very reduced stopping times. The vertical workpiece clamping cylinders are provided with safety valves.
WSF 3P Controls and safety Someco
WSF 3P Milling units Someco
Milling units
The milling unit is driven by a high frequency electrospindle. The stops for head positioning run on recirculating ball bushings and are controlled manually. Pneumatic feed of the units is on recirculating ball slideways.
On each cutter head, there are two positive indexing stops with 6 adjustable positions, which memorize the depths of cut and positioning with respect to the workpiece. Each milling unit features angular movement with relative graduated rod. Vice adjustment is manual in order to ensure correct clamping of the profile. The long stroke of the vices minimizes adjustments for the various types of profiles.
WSF 3P Adjustments Someco
WSF 3P Workpiece positioning Someco
Workpiece positioning
The vice table is provided with 4 stops adjustable in length and height, as well as 2 pneumatically excludable workpiece stops: one for the right side and one for the left side. A further 2 stops are fitted on a rod-type support in order to make this machine even more versatile.
Cost-effective running
The pneumatic feed on recirculating ball slideways of the three high frequency electrospindles ensure great accuracy, less maintenance and lower energy consumption.
WSF 3P Cost-effective running Someco