Screwing unit with automatic feed of the screws for fastening the reinforcement on PVC profiles. Clamping and screwing are controlled by a two hand control. The screwing unit is mounted on a metal structure provided with infeed and outfeed roller conveyors.
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Profile gripping and screwing of the reinforcement with a pedal control
Dimensions L x P x H (mm)
3.100 x 575 x 1.820
Min-max profile dimensions (mm)
L = 35 ÷ 90 / H = 60 ÷ 140
Weight (kg)
Automatic screws loading
Screwing of the reinforcement with pedal control
Infeed and outfeed roller conveyor
Regulation of the screwing depth and strength
Profile positioning

Transverse positioning of the profile is achieved by adjusting a stop rod and displaying the position on a graduated scale. By means of the star stops, 6 different positions can be adjusted, which saves considerable time; there is no need to measure the profile again, but it is possible to retrieve the previous measurement from time to time.

ADS FA Profile positioning Someco
ADS FA Screwing with automatic feed Someco
Screwing with automatic feed

Thanks to ADS FA the screwing process becomes quick and easy: in fact just by pressing the pedal, profile clamping and screwing with automatic feed are activated simultaneously.

Screwing depth and torque adjustment

Strengthened by the ability to machine a large number of profiles, which differ in shape and thickness, the screwdriver allows adjustment of the screwing force and depth, ensuring maximum versatility and precision.

ADS FA Screwing depth and torque adjustment Someco
ADS FA Loading/unloading roller conveyor Someco
Loading/unloading roller conveyor

An infeed roller conveyor and an outfeed roller conveyor serving for profile loading and unloading, provide an easy handling of the workpiece, thus requiring just minimum effort from the operator.

Profile pneumatic clamping

The profile is locked against the stop via a pneumatic hold-down device. The operation is activated by pressing the pedal which actuates the clamping of the workpiece and its screwing.

ADS FA Profile pneumatic clamping Someco

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